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The Mazda Lifetime Parts Warranty

Motus Mazda will repair or replace any part that fails to perform its normal function without any charge to the vehicle owner for the lifetime of the vehicle being possessed by the owner. The Mazda Lifetime Parts warranty applies to those replacement parts fitted by a Mazda authorised dealer and fully paid for by the vehicle owner; so the vehicle owner will be required to produce the original repair invoice when returning to the dealer for repairs under this warranty. This non-transferable Mazda Lifetime Parts Warranty is an additional cover that will take effect after the 3 year / unlimited km factory warranty expires.

Mazda Parts Designed for your car

If you go to your Mazda Dealer, you can get Mazda Parts designed specifically for your model and they’re fitted by technicians who are specially trained to work on our cars.

Durable, Safe and Reliable

We put a lot of hard effort and high standards in the Mazda Parts engineering and quality assurance process. That’s how Mazda Parts sustain a long lasting, safe and reliable performance – giving you that distinct pleasure which you get from driving something that’s 100% Mazda.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Available at your nearest Dealership. Available on any vehicle with a factory fitted MZD Connect System.

Interior Sensor Kit

The Interior Sensor Kit detects when something or someone moves inside the vehicle whilst the vehicle is in a locked and armed state. Should anything disturb the vehicle interior, the sensor will trigger the alarm system which will cause the alarm horn to sound and the vehicle indicator light to flash.

Lock in Motion Kit

The Lock in Motion Kit is designed to lock your vehicle doors when the vehicle starts moving at a speed of 25 – 35 km/h with all the doors closed.


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